Understand Hook Sizes

Understand Hook Sizes


Remember,large number mean small hooks.

Hook sizes are not complicated.  The higher the hook size number means the smaller the hook.  The addition of a slash and zero, /0 to the larger hook sizes could lead to confusion.  Sizes 24,22,20 descending are the tinest freashwater fishing size.  The sea range starts at around size 8;6;4; 2 and gets bigger down to a size 1.  Once the 1 is reached the /0 is added as the size increases as the number increases from 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and up to a 12/0 which is the largest big-game hook.  Hook sizes are supposed to be standard, but in reality they are not and the various manufacturers  have their own interpretation of sizes. 


Here is a  rough guide of hook size in relation to fish species.

* Size 4 and 6:  Suitable for small species with tiny mouths like mullet, sole, bream, and garfish.

* Size 2,1,1/0:   The standard sizes for shore fishing for the smaller common species like dogfish, wrasse, pouting, whitting, codling, dads, flounder, plaice etc.

* Size 1/0,2/0 and 3/0:  The choice for larger species like cod,bass,poolack,rays,and smoothhounds.

* Size 4/0,5/0,6/0:  Essential for the biggest species, such as conger eels, big cod or bass and for use with very large baits like whole squid and macerel.

* Size 6/0 and above; Required for sharks and big game fish.