The “Squire” and his Angling Buddies

The “Squire” and his Angling Buddies

At 9.30 am  Paddy Dillon ( The “Squire” of Enniscorthy )  with his three angling regulars boarded  the ” Avidangler” in the Harbour  of Fethard on Sea.  We headed out East for about two miles and drifted in about 75 feet of water.  Timmy Doyle claimed the first fish, a mackerel and it wasn’t long before the rest of the “Squire’s” fishing buddies started landing more mackerel.  The “Squire” started fileting the mackerel and the remains  of the mackerel were sent over the side were the gulls had a feast.  The lads continued to catch a selection of Pollack and Cod when Derek Collier caught a cracking East Coast Tope.  Like all good things, our days fishing seemed to be over all too soon.  We had a long way to travel back and it was already 3pm. The lads reeled in and we set off for the harbour at a steady 15 knots.  I decided to stop short of the Keeragh Islands and fished another patch of ground nearer to the shore.  We spent an excellent hour or so there catching some small Cod and Pollack.  Eventhough the trip was technically over, we were still having a ball.  But then it really was time to head back and we arrived back in the harbour  shortly after 4pm.  


Derek Collier with a prize South East Coast 10lbs Tope.

Timmy Doyle passing some fishing tips to the “Squire”.

The “Squire” sitting on his throne with fishing rod in hand waiting for that awesome fish to bite.  

The only picture I have off  Laurence Dunbar for some reason he was always looking over the side of the boat.

The “Squire” with his first mackerel of the day thinking” wouldn’t you be lovely between two slices of toast when he got home”.

Derek taking a head count after about a hours fishing.

Timmy Doyle with one of three Smooth Hounds that he managed to land. 

The “Squire” with another 7lbs Tope which he managed to land shortly after Derek’s prize catch.

Timmy Doyle with the “Squire” in hand getting ready to leave for shore.