Lake Istokpoga Producing Big Bass Counts

Lake Istokpoga Producing Big Bass Counts

If you ever dreamt about a fishing trip where you have caught 40-50 pounds of fish you can make your dreams come true on  Lake Istokpoga.  Fishing on the 28000 acre lake right now is at its best for years.  Big  numbers of fish at numerous locations add up to a fishing frenzy which we enjoyed over our eight week trip on the great lake. 


One of many 6 pounders which we caught over the last remaining days before we headed back home to Ireland.

Another nice Bass caught in the late afternoon on lake Istokpoga.

A smile tells it all.

7 pounds Bass caught on a swim bait.

One of many Largemouth Bass that Caroline caught.

Another nice Bass weighting in at over 9 pounds.

One of the averaged sized bass that we caught in large  numbers at the end of our trip. 

This one weighted in at 8.5  pounds.


One more happy Bass on its way back into the waters of the  great lake.

Caroline with one of many 2lbs bass that she caught each day we spent out on the lakes of Florida.