The Weather Improves at Last

The Weather  Improves at Last

The sun was shining on us – shame it didn’t stay out all day – but we found fish .  Strange how grown men switch to being a bunch of boys when the fish start coming aboard.  It’s almost a race to see who can catch the most or the biggest. 

Good friend Martin caught several nice bass over the three days  that we spent fishing of the Hook Light  House.  I lost count of the number of pictures I  took  of some really  nice bass that were  returned to the water.  I remenber thinking at the time that we had some great action pictures and that they would look well up on the Website.  To my horror when I opened my camera I had not inserted the picture card so as to store the pitures onto the camera.  ” No comment  as to some of the remarks I received from my fishing buddie’s ”

One of several nice wrasse  that Martin got hooked into over some rocky bottom,  just a short distance from the shore line.