Crappie Fishing on Lake Istagpoka Florida

Crappie Fishing on Lake Istagpoka Florida

Crappie Fishing in conjunction with Lake Istokpoga, being a world class Large Bass Fishery  also harbours a thriving Crappie population.  They are a sporty little fish to catch and catching them creates a ton of enjoyment per pound per fish.  Crappie are a very tasty and mild fish to eat, somewhat like fresh Water Perch.  So go catch a mess and enjoy. (I don’t know how many fish are in a “mess”, Jerry and Woody however will know but they have not told me that yet). I think its the daily catch. Light tackle and a dipping rod 8 ft to 10 ft long is the best to use with a good quality braid line approx 10-12 lbs of test, you can use minnows or jigs but these “Crappie  Masters” prefer Minnies and a # 4 or #5 hook.  Good line is a must just in case the ” Monster” gets in the reeds and you have to pull him out or you hook a “Lunker Large Mouth Bass” while “Crappie Fishing”, this happens a lot, almost hourly. Jerry, Woody and myself George, the lads in the attached pictures are snow birds that fish for Crappie on a regular basis on Lake Istokpoga while down here in the sunny  state of Florida from North America  and Canada.  Myself George being the rookie of the group has the two best “Crappie Fishermen” on Lake Istokpoga in Jerry and Woody to teach me the art of fishing for Crappie. I have been sworn to secrecy as to where the Crappie lurk.  If you ask Jerry and Woody where they get their Crappie they say out on  Lake Istokpoga by the “Long Dock” or by the “Stick”  or in the reeds by the “White Pole”, all said with a straight face.  Good luck with that information, now go “Hunting Crappie ” they are definitely out there and these guys in the pictures can catch them in large numbers. 

This blog was written by George Molner as he watched the sun go down in Port De Soto Park on the Gulf of Mexico.  

Gerry wth a nice Large Mouth Bass which he caught while out fishing for  Crappie. 

Woody with one of his many pan sized Crappie that he caught on Lake Istokpoga.

Another  specimen Crappie that the lads managed to catch while out fishing on this great mass of water in Central Florida. 

Gerry, George and Woody pictured back at camp with their morning’s catch which they keep for the afternoon fish fry up with their many friends which they have made on their annual trip down from Norhern America and Canada.