Anything you can do I can do Better

Anything you can do I can do Better

Family rivalry can be fun at times, as the FitzGibbon brothers found out when they fished from the Avidangler out of Fethard on Sea.  Both new to sea angling, they had been out on there Kayaks the day before when their dad asked me would I take the lads out for a days fishing. 


Young Tommy FitzGibbon with the first of many Pollack that he and his brother Luca caught while out on a days fishing with their dad Eoin.  


They say that a picture paints a thousand words, another Pollack caught by the FitzGibbon Fishing Team. 


Tommy and Luca FitzGibbon with their dad Eoin back home from England for their  annual holidays to  Fethard on Sea.


Another non paying passenger enjoying a days fishing.