I was reminded recently of my first day’s fishing when my daughter Charlotte emailed me an old picture taken back in 1968 in San Francisco Bay.  The picture shows me in the middle with my mom and dad.  If you look closely as my daughter pointed out to me I have two fish in my right hand. This is the first memory of a days fishing with my parents and their Russian friend Ken Fedd, I was thirteen years of age and I can still remember the stories told by Ken of his time spent hunting and fishing in Russia.  If you look under the truck you will see the legs of mans best friend my first dog Aussie.

Another 40 years passed before I realised that was the day I fell in love with fishing.  How ironic that this love grew from an introduction made by a old Russian on a April days  fishing under the  Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco Bay.


I can’t remember who it was, but someone once said.” When you have a passion, there’s no need to explain why, but unfortunately most people try,”

I had been fishing for half my life before it became a passion and another few years before I allowed it to take over my life completely: something I have never regretted.

What many newcomers to fishing don’t realise is that acquiring the tackle and skills to use  is the easy part. You cannot learn the skill of angling from books, or any printed words for that matter, but only by repeatedly spending days on the water.

We travel out each April and September to our Lake House in Florida where we spend up to six weeks at a time fishing. The summer months of the year are spent here in Ireland where I mostly fish in the South East or travel up to the midlands and Donegal.

This web site owes everything to the many generous people whose self-deprecating humor, and willingness to be photographed, enabled me to illustrate that an angler’s life is not all bright skies and clear waters. Most of their names have been withheld to protect what’s left of their dignity.

Some people however were so instrumental to this web site that to not mention them would add insult to injury. My special thanks to the following avid-anglers and friends; Robert Soraghan, Brian Whyte, Michael Patton, Brian Shields, Barry Kane, Derek Veitch, Michael Rossiter, Dane Rossitor,Noel Barr, Dave Miller, Eddie Watson and Sam Walker.

In short this web site is a one stop shop for the Avid angler or beginner to look up the day’s weather and tides. It also allows one to connect to some of the worlds leading suppliers and manufactures of some of the world’s best fishing gear and equipment that one can buy.

Finally, I cannot express enough gratitude to my wife Caroline and my family and the non fishing friends who have to listen to my endless stories about my fishing adventures both here and in Florida.

Captain John Crowe  -Avid-Angler
So give us a call and lets go fishing